Illustrator as Author: Presentation Images #2

James Pyman's illustrated version of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Designed by John Morgan & published by Four Corners Books. 
During the discussion with Luke Best we defined the difference between self-authored work, exploring sequential or narrative forms, and self-promotional work, usually creating product in the form of t-shirts, tote bags, surface decoration... 
Self-authored work is not simply personal work done outside of the commissioning process but has a defined context. It is where the illustrator can bring into focus their own subject matter/content. Today with the means of reproduction more widely available (in the form of small publishers such as Nieves Books, Nobrow, Landfill Editions, Ditto Press...) there are opportunities for illustrators to explore content within their practice.


Illustrator as Author: Presentation Images

During the onstage discussion between Roderick Mills & Luke Best at the first Mokita event a rolling slide presentation featured
the Swedish artist Jockum Nordström.


Images from the Mokita event

Geoff asks whether "We need a theory of Illustration". Sam and Geoff discuss.

Roderick and Luke discuss.

Roderick Mills asks the question "Illustrator as Author, new paradigm or death of the discipline?"

Darryl Clifton in discussion with James Jarvis: "Is commerce the only real context for Illustration?"

Darryl Clifton outlines the content for the days symposium at Somerset House as part of Pick Me Up 2011. Our speakers for the day were James Jarvis, Luke Best from Peepshow and Sam from Nobrow. Adrian Shaughnessy acted as chair of the event and Mokita [Darryl Clifton, Geoff Grandfield and Roderick Mills] were the 'interrogators'.


The State of Illustration

As part of the first Mokita event at 'Pick Me Up: Contemporary Graphic Art Fair' Somerset House we were invited to discuss the state of Illustration with Adrian Shaughnessy on Resonance FM.