ICON10 The Illustration Conference 2018

Website launched for ICON10 The Illustration Conference Detroit USA July 11 - 14 2018

Documentary Discourse conference UCA Farnham Surrey

Documentary Discourses conference

22nd November 2017 University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey
In June 2017 CNN sent courtroom artist William J Hennessy Jr. to a White House briefing following the prohibition on filming and live audio recording of briefings. This form of circumventing restrictions, questions the significance of the illustrative image and illustration practice in relation to contemporary forms of documentary. In turn this action reflects the diverse discourses that arise from contemporary forms of documentary practices, that mediate experiences and knowledge through direct engagement, observation, interviews, reflective experiences, archives and other forms and sources. The strategy of using illustrative methodologies and approaches to document and report the news, perhaps indicates the contemporary relevance and use of the illustrative as a documentary form. While there has been a resurgence in documentary/reportage discussion of its relationship with other documentary forms, practice, research and study has yet to be developed. The one day conference aims to promote inter-disciplinary research and to explore the development of different forms of documentary practices and discourses such as animation, film and photography, in relation to illustration. In particular, to investigate the function and role documentary forms of illustration in contemporary culture in relation to documentary forms of other fields of practice. Invited speakers are drawn from animation, photography, illustration practice and research.
Keynote Speaker: Lainy Malkani http://www.socialhistoryhub.com/
Confirmed Speakers
Gabrielle Cariolle and Paul Roberts, Arts University Bournemouth
Dr Nina Mickwitz London College of Communication University of the Arts London
Gareth Proskourine-Barnett, Birmingham City University
Rachel Gannon, Kingston University
Dr Paul Ward, Arts University Bournemouth
Alys Scott-Hawkins, Arts University Bournemouth
Professor Anna Fox, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
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Full programme and list of speakers will be online soon.


Illustration and Identity: Universite de Lorraine, 8-10 November 2017

This conference invites participants to explore the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural means through which illustration, in all of its forms, contributes, and has contributed, through time, to the shaping of ‘identity/ies’. 

The study of illustration provides powerful insights into not only the representation, but also the construction of identity – including gender identities, national and political identities, subcultures, hybrid identities and performative identities. Illustrators as cultural agents have the power to both reinforce and problematise ‘the visual vocabulary of politics’ (Steven Heller, Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State, 2008; rep. 2010) through their use and manipulation of cultural narratives and stereotypes. 

Illustrators often navigate several personas when creating artwork – for example the desires of the client, the reception of the audience, and the voices within the text. They may also produce highly personal and subjective work documenting emergent or performed identities in relation to historical, geographical, social, cultural and phenomenological matrices.
We are keen to encourage critical and theoretical frameworks which foster understanding of the cultural relevance of illustration, and to examine the links between book history, print and digital culture and identity. Both practice-led and theoretical papers are welcome.


The 60th Anniversary of the Society of Illustrators Annual



ICON10 The Illustration Conference Detroit 2018

MOKITA are happy to announce participation in the Educators Symposium during ICON10 The Illustration Conference July 11-14 2018 Detroit Michigan USA.


The Serious, Subversive (And Sometimes Shocking) History of Cartoons

Its been over 100 years since the first cartoons were drawn by hand. Since then, the genre has delved into everything from sex and drugs to racial inequality and war crimes. Even the tamest, G-rated cartoons have often found ways of slipping in adult humor past the eyes of younger viewers.
Cartoons have been the vehicle for government propaganda, social change, and political satire. Some have been boycotted and even banned for their content while others have been deemed masterpieces and praised by critics for their bold message and style.
Today, cartoons continue to find ways of subverting the status quo in surprising (sometimes shocking) new ways. This hour, we speak with animators, animation experts, and historians about what makes cartoons so well suited for the exploration of, well, everything.
  • Maureen Furniss - Program Director of Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts and founding editor of Animation Journal; author of A New History of Animation
  • Paul Wells - Director of the Animation Academy at Loughborough University in England and author of several books including Animation, Sport and Culture
  • Ralph Bakshi - Animator, writer, and director of animated and live action films and TV shows including "Fritz The Cat," "Coonskin," and "Heavy Traffic"
  • Lisa Hanawalt - Producer and production designer of the Netflix animated series "BoJack Horseman"
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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.